Watch and learn how to make decorative wood pyramids for inlay. It is simple and it is easy. The woodworker in this woodworking video is demonstrating how to make the wooden pyramids on a band saw crosscut sled. The fence is at a 60 degree angle to the band saw blade. However, you can make wooden pyramids for whatever angle fits your needs. The basic idea is the same. It's just a matter of the crosscut sled's fence angle in relationship to the band saw sled.

In the video the woodworker begins the operation by dimensioning the material to be used. He crosscuts strips of cherry by using a cut off sled which is perpendicular to the to the saw blade. He makes sure that the width being cut is equal to the thickness of the material. A dial indicator is used to ensure the accuracy of the cut. 

Note: Make sure the grain of the wood is perpendicular to the band saw blade. This will assure that cross grain rather than end grain will be exposed when the wooden pyramid is inlaid into a woodworking project. 

The next step is to place the 60 degree cross cut sled into place on the band saw table. Then mark the center of the wood strip to be cut. Place the strip along the sled's fence and align the center mark with the blade. Make the cut and then make a tic mark with a pencil along the sled's fence where the left (square) end of the wood strip meets the fence. This reference mark will aid the woodworker as he rotates the wood strip after each cut. 

Take your time as you make each cut. Cut a pyramid on one end of the wood strip and then turn the strip end for end to cut a pyramid on the opposite end. Do this for all the wood strips.

Now, change out the sleds. Place the cutoff sled onto the band saw table. Clamp a stop block along the left side of the fence. The distance from the stop block to the blade will be equal to the height of your pyramid. Make a test cut. When you are satisfied cut off the pyramids.   

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