We've never posted this video of the young Hmong woman "singing" kwv txhiaj in Xieng Khuang. We shot this on the same day we shot the "famous" video of the three young Hmong girls singing kwv txhiaj in a more remote Hmong village. What's especially impressive is that all the Hmong young women are wearing the traditional Blue Hmong skirts that they have made. It's incredible time-consuming, complex and artistic process and the sad fact is that since it's now easy to get Chinese "replicas" of the skirts that are equally as comfortable and light weight, one rarely sees Hmong girls/women wearing these traditional skirts and is in fact considered by many to be "old fashioned." The Chinese are smart and have designed very colorful fabric in a variety of colors that many of the Hmong girls now think are more attractive than the traditional skirts you see here. All you have to do is go to Hmong New Year anywhere in the states and you'll see what I mean.